December 12, 2015

Roadmap Update

I made some big changes to the roadmap.

Originally, I planned to release each 0.x version of spacedust with one major new feature and increase the price with each release until it reached my goal price for version 1.0. As the release of version 0.2 got closer, I realized I didn’t like that plan.

First, I don’t feel comfortable increasing the price with spacedust having so few actual gameplay features and so many of the main features missing. Second, I don’t want some features to be unwelcome surprises long after a purchase.

So, I have decided to change direction. Version 0.2 will have a very basic version of all the main features I plan on having in spacedust. Each version after that will flesh out one of those main features.

Version 0.2 might take a while, but when it is released, spacedust will feel much more like a game (albeit very basic) and I will feel comfortable bumping the price up to $2.

Until then, spacedust will remain $1.

tagged: status